About BMLA

About BMLA


The Baptist Missionary Loan Association exists to promote harmony and concert of action among churches cooperating with the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas, and to assist churches by making loans for the purpose of purchasing property, erecting and equipping new buildings for said purposes. This corporation is operated only for religious, missionary and benevolent purposes, and on a non-profit basis.


1.  Who are you? The Baptist Missionary Loan Association is a department of the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas that provides loans to churches within the Association. 

2.   What types of loans do you make? We make loans for numerous purposes such as land and church building purchases; remodeling and renovation projects; construction of a church sanctuary, educational building, children’s building, fellowship hall or family life center. 

3.    Who do you serve?  We serve the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Texas. 

4.    How much can our church borrow?  The only way to get a true borrowing capacity amount for your church is to complete and send a church loan application to our office. 

5.  Do you take collateral on church loans? Yes. We take first lien on all church property and improvements.

6.    How does our church start the process?  Someone authorized by the church simply completes an application and emails or mails it to the Baptist Missionary Loan Association. 

7.   How long does it take to get a response?  When we receive your church’s completed loan application, we will contact your church either by email or phone within two to three days. 

8.     What are your current rates?  Please call 972-923-0758 for interest rates. 

9.      Do you make personal loans or auto loans?  No. We only make loans to incorporated churches for real-estate purposes.