Starting a Project?

Talk to the BMLA

Talk to the Baptist Missionary Loan Association about your church’s current position and future vision.  We assist churches by making loans for the purpose of purchasing property, erecting and equipping new buildings for said purposes.


We offer new construction loans for a church sanctuary, educational building, children’s building, fellowship hall or family life center.  

Loan remodeling projects, from roof replacements to sanctuary overhauls. Renovations are vital in keeping churches relevant and adaptive.   

We provide loans for land purchases. Looking to purchase land for a future building? We can take care or you. 

We offer loans for purchase of existing church buildings. Such as sanctuary, educational building, etc. 

If your church is about to begin a building project, congratulations!

You may be faced with many questions, one of which being, how do we get started?

When paired with healthy budgeting practices and a humble leadership team, church loans can be extremely helpful in facilitating necessary expansions or improvements to church buildings. However, it is important for church leaders to be aware of these various dynamics in institutional lending before taking on a church loans.







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